HEEBIE JEEBIES Clip Circuit Advanced Lab

SKU: HJ-0180


Teaching kids about electricity with this Advanced Lab kit from Heebie Jeebies will make it so much fun, they can't help but learn.

These Clip Circuit kits are easy to build and feature components that snap together to create a large number of different circuits on the base board. There is No soldering required, making it safe for children to conduct the experiments by themselves.

Each components has their own function, coded by colour and number. The components are easy to identify in the instruction manual. Graphics on each component show its electronic symbol and helps to illustrate how the current travels through the built circuits.

The Advanced Lab kit comes with instruction manuals for 180 experiments.


• Recommended age from 7 Years+ with Adult Supervision
• No electronic experience necessary
• Includes an easy to use instruction manual
• Powered by 4 x AA Batteries (not included)

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