HUMAX VAST Certified Twin Tuner Satellite HD PVR



This HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST PVR Satellite Receiver Decoder is a twin tuner satellite receiver and PVR complete with a 500 GB hard disk drive. This will permit the recording of between 300 and 500 hours of standard definition TV programs and about 200 hours for high definition TV programs. This Personal Video Recorder (PVR) permits the viewing of one channel and recording of another at the same time. It is one of only two Twin Tuner PVR boxes certified and approved for use with the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service. The VAST system incorporates the very latest satellite modulation, compression and encryption protocols which prevents the use of 3rd party satellite receivers for VAST reception. The VAST box comes complete with a smartcard which is married to the box preventing the smartcard being used in any other box (approved or not).

The HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST PVR Satellite Receiver Decoder comes with an ethernet port which when connected to the internet enables the play back of programs on approved catch up services.

The HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST PVR Satellite Receiver Decoder has a few defining features.

• Made In Korea : The only VAST certified receiver not manufactured in China.
• Internal Fan: The only VAST certified receiver with an internal cooling fan. (the others rely on ambient circulation)
• Front Channel Display: The only VAST box that display the full channel name on the front display ie ABC1 WA. (the others show simply a number)
• Removable HDD: The only VAST certified receiver in which you can remove & replace the HDD.

The VAST system is funded by the Australian Government so that TV viewers not covered by terrestrial TV can watch pretty much the same quality of TV via the VAST satellite service as viewers in central Perth, Sydney or Melbourne. To quality for VAST, you must fit into one of three categories.

1) Be in an area already that is not (nor likely to) be covered by a digital terrestrial TV signal.
2) Be in a black spot. (An area covered by a terrestrial signal, but which cannot be received)
3) Travellers. Travellers can apply for a temporary reception certificate. This is valid for 6 months and you must apply again 4 weeks before your certificate expires)

Determination of whether you are in an area already served by terrestrial TV is quite problematic so please pay attention to the details below about qualifying to use VAST. Commercial TV operators earn their revenue from viewers watching their ads. Localised TV advertising earns them more revenue than the more generalised advertising used on their satellite services hence their desire to keep viewers on their localised TV services watching their localised TV adverts when at all possible.

The Aurora service which VAST has replaced used technology dating back to the mid 1990’s and as a result pirated smartcards were widely available for this service. Such cards are not available for VAST. The very latest encryption techniques used on VAST make it impossible to circumnavigate. Beware of snake oil salesmen promising pirated VAST cards. It is just simply not going to happen. (not for a while anyway)

The VAST satellite service uses the same satellite and polarity as the old Aurora service but a 10.7GHz LNB is required. (most Aurora systems used 11.3GHz LNB’s)

Qualifying VAST viewers in WA can watch the following digital TV channels ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24 (HD), SBS1, SBS2, SBS HD, NITV, GWN7, 7TWO, 7MATE (HD), WIN, GEM (HD), GO, TenWest, ONE HD, Eleven. In addition to these channels you will also be able to see the ABC and SBS channels in their eastern states time zones.

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