Indoor TV Amplifier with Single Output

SKU: LT3285


Such a simple and neat solution to boosting your TV antenna signals. The unit simply plugs into a mains outlet, and boosts your TV antenna signals through the F-type input and output sockets. There is also a mains output socket on the front so that you don’t lose any power points behind your TV unit. Up to 20dB of amplification is provided, with a variable gain control.


Length : 96mm
Width : 60mm
Depth : 40mm
Packaged Volume : 0.65l
Packaged Weight : 0.18kg
Packaged Length : 14.8cm
Packaged Width : 6.7cm
Packaged Height : 6.6cm
Usage Location : Indoor
Amplifier Type : Indoor Booster
Number of Inputs : 1 ports
Input Connection : F Type
Number of Outputs : 1 ports
Output Connection : F Type
UHF Gain : 20dB
UHF Frequency Range : 46MHz, 860MHz
UHF Gain Control : 10dB
VHF Gain Control : 15dB
UHF Noise Figure : 3.5dB

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