INOVA STS LED Headlamp - Orange

SKU: 105086


The first ever multi-mode, dual colour LED, waterproof headlamp with Swipe-to-Shine technology.
The INOVA STS Headlamp makes brilliant hands free illumination simple, versatile and comfortable. It features an innovative Swipe-To-Shine interface that allows for simple access to multiple modes – all with a swipe of your finger. Its lightweight body, high quality woven strap and waterproof construction makes it an indispensable lighting tool anywhere high quality hands-free illumination is needed.

Key Features

- IPX-7 Waterproof to 1 meter.
- 1 white high power LED featuring 5 modes (high, variable dim, medium, strobe, and lockout).
- 2 Red LEDs for preserving night vision that features 5 modes (high, variable, dim, medium, strobe, and lockout).
- Fully programmed lock-out mode to prevent accidental activation when transporting or storing.
- Impact resistant polycarbonate body.
- High quality woven elastic strap.
- Adjustable angles for precise illumination.

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