IP55 80mm 12V DC Ball Bearing Fan

SKU: YX2523



IP 55 rating on a fan which is extremely important, particularly when the fan is located in an environment where dust, fine dirt particles, soot etc can quickly clog up a standard fan and bring it to failure early in life.

Input: 3 watts


Length : 80mm
Width : 80mm
Depth : 25mm
DC Plugpack Voltage : 12V
DC Current Draw : 200mA
Packaged Volume : 0.31l
Packaged Weight : 0.09kg
Packaged Length : 9.2cm
Packaged Width : 9.2cm
Packaged Height : 3.7cm
type of fan : Axial
fan air volume cubic metres : 1.2m³/min
fan air volume cubic feet : 42ft³/min
fan RPM : 3100RPM
fan noise : 35dB
fan bearing type : Ball
fan housing material : Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
fan impeller material : Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
Fan Operational Life at 25°C : 100000hr
fan number of wires : 2pc
fan connector type : Flyleads
Tachometer Output : false

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