Jiffy Box - Grey - 83 x 54 x 31mm

SKU: HB6025


Manufactured from ABS plastic, these jiffy boxes not only look great, they have been designed to incorporate everything our customers wanted in a constructor's box. Sizes are compliant with industry standards externally and PCB fitting internally.

• Lids feature a 5mm grid of 'centre punch' type points on the underside for quick, easy and accurate drilling
• Lids also feature a 10mm grid of scribed lines providing an easy and precise guide for cutting or filing cut-outs
• Box also has a grid of 'centre punch' type points on the base of the inside
• Supplied with lid fixing screws.
• To fit PCB (mm) Vertical 50 x 27
• To fit PCB (mm) Horizontal 62 x 49


Colour : Light Grey
Alternates available : true
Length : 83.mm
Width : 54.mm
Height : 31.mm
Material : ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
PCB Internal Guide Slots : true
Lid Screws : 4.pc

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