KIT - Sparkle Stitch Sewable Electronics Kit

SKU: KM1080


This Sparkle Stitch Sewable Electronics Kit includes everything you need to get started in making spectacular light-up wearable technology, with 62 pages of guides there is endless possibilities.

This kit includes all it takes for anyone (even boys) to make illuminated theatrical - type masks and clothing using ultra bright LED's and batteries.

Included in the kit is:
Lots of coloured felt on which to base your creations
• A hot glue gun
• Conductive sewable thread
• Batteries, battery holders and LED's
• A 62 page electronics guide with patterns for light up masks
• A multimeter
• Special sewing needles and other sewing accessories

Everything you need is in the kit except perhaps a good pair of scissors which your mum will undoubtedly have.
So get started! this is your first step to becoming a famous theatrical designer! Oscars - here we come.

Tool Kit
Tool kit contents

Coloured lightweight felt cloth,Dacron ® filler,Hot glue gun,Needles, Threading aid, Thread cutter, Thimble, Conductive thread, Elasticised thread, Battery holder, Battery, Electronic components, Multimeter,Test leads, Alligator clip jumper leads, 62 page electronics guide, Storage case

Storage Case Moulded Plastic Case
Product Dimensions
Width 330mm
Height 120mm
Depth 220mm
Weight 1kg
Dimension details Box Dimensions

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