LASER Full HD Car Event Recorder with GPS



Whatever the occurrence – a car cutting you off, someone jumping in front of your vehicle – the Navig8r full high definition dash cam with GPS records the event and saves it for later reference. The recorded footage even pinpoints the location coordinates of the even through a GPS tracking feature.

Full High Definition 1080p Recording with HDMI output

Full high definition 1080p 30FPS video quality provides better image clarity than HD 720p and view footage on a large FHD TV using the HDMI connection.

GPS Tracking

Replay recorded journey with GPS reception using the supplied tracking software on a PC, you can view recorded video footage, speed and location taken from anywhere.

120 Degree Wide Viewing Angle with Infrared Illuminators

Capture more lanes of traffic and evidence with a wider lens angle. IR low light sensors allow for better recording at night or in low light condition for improved image quality.

2.3 inch LCD Screen and On Screen Display

Easily playback content on the large size colour screen and conveniently view all vital information displayed on screen.

Auto-Bump Record and Motion Detector

Keeps recording when an incident occurs and saves it into a secure folder to ensure that it is not deleted or re-recorded.

Time Stamp

All video footage is stamped with the time and date to ensure the evidence you collect is accurate and accountable.

Built-in Microphone

The built in microphone captures a clear soundtrack for your video footage.

Loop Recording and Micro SD Card Storage

Loop recording allows you to continuously record footage. When your Micro SD card is full the camera will write over older files to ensure you are continuously recording. Accident files will be saved if your car is bumped or you select the file protect button. We recommend a Class 10 or higher SD card.

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