Laser Tag Battle Guns 2 Pack

SKU: GT4079


Video game action leaps off the screen and into your backyard. Players 1, 2, 3, and 4 have entered the battle! With built-in infrared receivers to track hits, and multiple gun modes to use in combat, these guns will keep everyone active and moving around. These guns have all the sensors built in so there is no need for chest plates or extra sensors on your body. Ages 8+ recommended.

Note: Available in mixed yellow/red and blue/green.

• 4 Colour Team Options
• Interactive Voice Coach
• Full Colour Lighting, Sound Effects & Vibrations
• Single Shot, Laser, Machine Gun & Plasma Gun Effects
• Infra-Red Distance: Up to 40m
• Play Time: Up to 5 Hours
• Batteries: 3 x AAA Each Gun (Not Included)
• Dimensions: 222(L) x 160(H) x 45(W)mm

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