LED Desk Lamp with Qi Wireless Charging

SKU: SL3150


This modern desk lamp can wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled smart phone while you’re at your desk. Simply place your phone on the charging zone on the lamp’s base for up to 5W charging, and take it away without any restriction of a charging cable. There is also a 5V 1A USB port in the base for you to charge other phones and devices that cannot be wirelessly charged. The bright flicker less LED lamp has an adjustable head to shine the light just where you need it, and has a touch switch to select between natural, cool white and warm white light. A fixed USB power cable is supplied to power the lamp from an available 5V power source (2A or higher).

- 5W Qi Wireless Charging
- 5V, 1A USB Port
- Adjustable Colour
- 7W LED OutputÂ
- Natural & Cool White Light
- USB Powered

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