Li-ion Battery 18650 High Drain 2500mAh 20A 3.6V

SKU: SB2298


Samsung 3.6V lithium ion (Li-Ion) 18650 battery for high drain applications up to 20A.
This high quality Li-ion rechargeable battery by Samsung is an ideal replacement flat-top 18650 batteries in high power devices such as LED torches, power tools, portable fans, vapes, etc. It has a capacity of 2500mAh and a maximum continuous discharge of 20A. 

Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V 
Protected: No, Unprotected
Standard Charge: 
- Constant Current: 1250mA
- Constant Voltage: 4.2V
- Cut-Off: 100mA
Rapid Charge: 
- Constant Current: 4000mA
- Constant Voltage: 4.2V
- Cut-Off: 100mA

Rechargeable Battery
Recharging Voltage 4.2V
Standard Recharge Current 1.25A
Fast Recharge Current 4A
Battery Packs and Batteries
Battery Chemical Composition Lithium Ion
Battery usage Rechargeable
Amp Hour Rating 2500mAh
Battery Peak Current 20A
Product Dimensions
Length 65mm
Weight 45g
Diameter 18.3mm
Warranty: 12 Months
NOTE: This is an unprotected rechargeable lithium battery, which is only suitable for use in a compatible device/charger. Use of an unprotected cell where a protected cell is expected is very dangerous, please review your product’s user manual before proceeding.

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