Luggage Padlock with Fingerprint Scanner

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Unlock this modern padlock using just your fingerprint, which saves you the trouble of carrying keys and can save you costly key cutting costs for multiple users. The built-in rechargeable battery will hold charge for up to a year, and can be conveniently charged from USB. The stylish zinc alloy build is waterproof and up to ten fingerprints can be stored.

- Stores up to 10 fingerprints
- 1 year battery life
- IP66 waterproof
- USB charge cable included

Resolution: 508DPI
Recognition Time: <300ms
Standby Current: 16uA
Motorless Operating Current: 3mA


Width :
Height :
Depth :
Weight : 115.g
Rechargeable battery required to power : Main Product
Type : Lithium Ion
Voltage : 3.7V
Capacity : 240.mAh
DC Voltage : 5.V
DC Switching Current (Opening) : 180.A
Dimension details : Loop Diameter
Diameter :

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