Mains Power Meter with extendable LCD Display

SKU: MS6108


A power meter smartly designed with an LCD detached from the powerpoint. This allows you to take readings from inconvenient places like a powerpoint behind the fridge, or other location where the powerpoint is not in clear view. It will display the power usage in watts, cost, volts, amps, and CO2Â emissions.

• Separate wired LCD for better readings
• Displays watts, cost, volts, amps, and CO2 emission
• Display hang-holes for mounting
• Voltage: 240V @ 50Hz
• Current: 10A Max.
• Display Range
• Volts: 200-276VACÂ
• Amps: 0.005A-10A
• Watts: 0.1-2400W
• Line Frequency: 45-65Hz
• Power Parameter Accuracy: ±1.5%
• Battery: Ni-Mh Rechargeable 3.6V
• CO2: Emissions calculated in kg

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