Minelab Coil, X-TERRA 6 inch DoubleD 18.75kHz

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SKU: 3011-0105

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Exceptional sensitivity to small targets with good target separation and pinpointing accuracy.

Suitable for X-TERRA series metal detectors (except X-TERRA 30). This high frequency (18.75kHz) lightweight waterproof Double-D coil is extremely sensitive to sub-gram gold nuggets, specimens and gold jewelry and has excellent target separation in areas littered with junk.

Water resistant: Water resistant: May be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. Must not be submersed under water.

Compatible: X-TERRA 305, 505, 705, 705 Gold Pack, 705 Dual Pack and earlier X-TERRA 50 and 70 models.

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