Mini Auto Vacuum Pump with bags to suit 3D Printers

SKU: TL4390


If you own a 3D printer, it is important to keep any unused filament dry to ensure a better build quality of your prints. Many filament types are hygroscopic which means they can draw in moisture from the air. Any moisture can lead to stringing, air bubbles, poor bed adhesion, etc.

This mini vacuum pump provides an easy and affordable way to keep your printer filament dry. Simply insert your filament into one of the 6 bags provided, seal the bag, and then draw out the air by placing the pump over the bag’s air valve and pressing the start/stop button. The bags can also be used to keep food fresher for longer. 4 x AA batteries required (not included). Supplied with 6 bags in 2 different sizes: 3pcs 30x34cm, 3pcs 26x34cm


•Battery powered
•6 reusable bags

Box Content:
Vacuum Sealer with 6 bags, sizing below:
• 3pcs 30x34cm
• 3pcs 26x34cm


Width :
Height :
Dimensions details : Small Bag
Width :
Height :
Dimension details : Large Bag
Width :
Height :

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