Minivet RC Quadcopter with Full HD Camera, Brushless Gimbal and FPV with a 5" Screen.



The Wingland Minivet is an advanced quadcopter with great features to help get you up in the air. Below are a few of the great features that the Mininvet boasts:
- Record a point of Interest - set your point of interest in the picture and the drone will circle freely around it by triggering the POI mode from the transmitter
- Return Home mode provides a safe and reliable flying experience, when the aircraft flies beyond the control distance or loses signal, it will return back to the take off point and land safely usually to with 1m of the take off point* .
- First Person View (FPV) allows streams footage from the Minivets camera back to the controller in real time on the 5inch display screen! The video transmitter provides image transmission up to 150m with a time-delay below 100 miliseconds to ensure smooth graphics during your FPV flight mode

The Minivets solid specification include:
- 4 megapixel on board camera for colourful still pictures and full high definition (1920 x 1080) video recording at 30fps. The camera is mount on an auto stabilized 3-axis Gimbal which uses brushless motors for to reduce movement and vibration in order to provide an amazing solid image and smooth video recording
- High accuracy 10 channel remote control transmitter, well laid out to make it easy to operate
- High-end professional flight battery uses an advanced modular design for easy installation. It also has a handy battery level indicator built in. The included balance charger protects each of the batteries cells to extend the life of the battery and ensure excellent battery working performance.
- Powerful high-precision brushless motors on board

*provided there are no obsticals in the direct flight path on the way home

Before flying please ensure that you understand laws and regulations in regards to the use of drones and quadcopters.

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