NITECORE TINI 380 Lumens Black



Tini is a mini metallic keychain light that comes in a minimized size, which is so lightweight that weighs only 0.48oz, perfectly meets all the user’s requirements for a keychain light.

Constructed from aerospace aluminum alloy, TINI is exquisite and fashionable, utilizes the customized torx screws and electroplated light-permeable switches. All the details of TINI makes it classy internally and externally.

Built-in a 280mAh Li-ion battery, TINI can be charged via an universal USB port. After being fully charged, its runtime up to 60 hours. TINI utilizes a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED to emit 380 lumens. Combined with PDOT technology for extreme reflector performance.

Intelligent power management system supports continuous illumination even in charging state. In addition, using TINI with the USB stand can turn it into a reading lamp. On-board FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) with small thermal resistance, which can be bended in a narrow space while maximizing heat dissipation surface.

The user interface is simple as there are two switches control 4 brightness levels. Negligible standby battery consumption reduces standby power drain (5uA) to last for 365 days.

• Mini metallic keychain light
• Utilizes bead surface optic lens for uniform soft light
• 4 brightness levels with instant access to turbo
• Dual switches for easy operation
• Intelligent memory function
• Integrated power indicator
• Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy

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