Nomad Pod 1800mAh Ultra Portable Battery Pack for Apple Watch - Space Grey

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$39 $89.95

Pod packs a compact high density 1800mAh lithium ion battery which is enough to keep you going day and night, and day and night ... and day. Toss Pod in your pack, and you will have enough power to get through a long weekend. Pod's anodized aluminum case snaps into place via two powerful magnets on either side, allowing for easy alignment and maintaining a tight grip. This design very nicely holds your Apple Watch cable inside, keeping everything clean and organised. This solid, well crafted structure is a pleasure to use, and makes you proud to own.

  • An ultra portable battery pack for Apple watch- 1800mAh battery keeps your watch powered all weekend
  • Apple Watch charger and cable manager wrapped in one.
  • Features pass through charging to charge your Apple Watch first and then itself.
  • Compact size is great for on the go charging.


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