ORICOM 5 Watt Slimline Dual Antenna System



Smart, dual antenna* technology. This radio has the ability to connect to two antennas and automatically deliver the strongest signal. UHF182 5 watt Slimline Dual Antenna* System
  • Intergrated dual antenna system
  • Slimline treanceiver
  • 80 channels
  • 3 memory groups
  • Heavy duty microphone
  • Smart fast scanning (priority/group memory/group tone scanning)
  • LCD 4 step brightness control
  • Over voltage alert function
  • 38 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes
  • Multi-colour backlit display (96 different shades)
  • Duplex (range extender)
  • Volume, channel and squelch control
  • 3.5mm external speaker jack
  • Designed and engineered in Korea.

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