Outdoor UHF/VHF TV Antenna with Rotating Motor

SKU: LT3169


Digital ready. 12 Elements with built in motor to allow you to control the direction it points with ease. It covers VHF low, down to 47MHz (channel 2) to UHF up to 862MHz (channel 69).

It includes a signal amplifier (240VAC adaptor supplied) AND a rotator motor built into the antenna housing AND a remote control for that. It also comes with approx. 8 metres of TV lead with a weatherproof plug on one end.

• Includes booster amp which will drive two televisions
• Compatible with our telescopic mast systems (sold separately)
• Supplied with other hardware
• Output 80 dbuV.



Length : 300mm
Width : 750mm
Height : 100mm
Weight : 1.3kg
Packaged Volume : 13.12l
Packaged Weight : 1.59kg
Packaged Length : 46.8cm
Packaged Width : 21.4cm
Packaged Height : 13.1cm

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