Piezo Buzzer Dual Sound 105dB

SKU: AB3456


Similar to Sonalert earpiercing sound. Non inductive, operates from 1 - 13V DC. Now with both continuous tone and pulsed tone. Red & black for continuous, yellow and black for pulse tone. Ideal for almost all signalling applications.

- SPL: 105dB/30cm single 100dB/ 30cm pulse
- Pulse Rate: 2 - 7 pulse/sec
- Mounting: 1 x 3mm screw.


Height : 26.mm
Diameter : 45.mm
Buzzer Type : Piezo
Buzzer Operating Voltage : 1.V, 13.V
Rated Voltage : 12v
Buzzer Current : 35.mA
Buzzer Frequency : 2.9Hz
Pulsing Buzzer : true

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