Piezo Buzzer PCB Mini 9-14Vdc

SKU: AB3459


This buzzer is ideal when you need to fit a buzzer in a small place. It has its own built- in drive circuit. It offers low current consumption and its sealed for DIP soldering and washing. Used in manufacturing applications such as - laptops, alarms, pagers, etc. Operating Temp: -20° to +65°C


Height : 9.5mm
Diameter : 12.mm
Weight : 2.4g
Buzzer Type : Electromechanical
Buzzer Operating Voltage : 9.V, 14.V
Rated Voltage : 12.
Buzzer Current : 30.mA
Buzzer Frequency : 2300.Hz
Sound Pressure Level : 85.dB
buzzer mount : PCB
Dimensions details : Pin Spacing
Width : 7.6mm

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