POWERTECH 12V 270A Jump Starter with LCD and LiFePo4 Battery

SKU: MB3760


Equipped with a LiFePO4 battery, this jump starter is capable of providing up to 270 cold cranking amps (400A peak) but with nowhere near the weight of traditional lead acid style batteries! The dual function 1W LED light can be used as a work light or set to flash as a warning light. A built in USB power socket will prove very handy for charging your phone or other smart devices and a multifunction blue backlit LCD display will show the internal battery charge as a percentage, the vehicles battery voltage and a host of other error messages. As well as providing a jump start function, this unit can also test the battery and alternator via your vehicle lighter socket!

- USB ports x 2 provides up to 2.4A total current
- Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
- Battery and alternator tester
- LED working light
- Dimensions: 185(L) x 100(D) x 50(H)mm
- Battery capacity: 45Ah

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