POWERTECH 200W Powerboard Inverter with 4 X 4.2A USB Outlets and Cigarette lighter socket

SKU: MI5131


You don’t always want to run huge appliances like a fridge. Often you’re just out on the road or taking a quick camping trip, but still want to be able to recharge your laptop, phone, or some other piece of tech that usually needs a mains outlet. This inverter provides four USB sockets, and two mains sockets, and a cigarette lighter socket to boot! No fuss, just plug and play!

- Dual mains sockets
- 400W Peak
- USB Ports: 5VDC @ 4.2A (combined max)


AC Voltage rating : 240. V
Continuous Power : 200. W
Maximum Power : 400. W
Width : 236 mm
Height : 42 mm
Depth : 78 mm
Cable length : 1 m
Weight : 500 g
Required Voltage : 11. V, 15. V
Vehicle Connection : Cigarette Lighter
Item Connection : Hard Wired


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