POWERTECH Cup Holder Power Extender with Dual USB Sockets

SKU: PS2120


• With the proliferation of GPS units, smart phones, mobile phones, iPads, and all sort of other gadgets that people want to use or charge in their car, a single cigarette lighter socket is never enough. This handy power extender solves that problem, plugging into your single cigarette power socket and giving you two cigarette power sockets and two USB power sockets, while sitting neatly in your vehicle's cup holder. The input lead is a 1.6m long curly cord, keeping tangled messy cords to a minimum, and the top features LED voltage indicators to show battery condition. The twin USB output sockets are very handy as pretty much everything charges from a USB port these days, meaning you can keep the cigarette power sockets free for more powerful car accessories.

• USB outputs: 5VDC 1.0A + 0.5A (1.5A total)

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