Pro Gas Soldering Tool Kit

SKU: TS1113


A sturdy, portable, self-igniting butane powered gas soldering iron tool kit with 3 tips. Produces a 1300°C adjustable flame for low end brazing, tin/plastic melting, automotive repair work, welding and of course heat shrinking. Supplied with 3 interchangeable metal tips for PCB work. For extra convenience the torch has a handy retractable stand so you can rest it somewhere without worrying about it rolling around. It is supplied in a plastic carry case that includes a cleaning sponge, extra tips, a deflector and a cap for the soldering iron.

• Temperature of torch: Up to 1300°C
• Temperature of hot blow: Up to 650°C
• Temperature of soldering: Up to 500°C

Spare tips available separately:
• TS-1116 - 3mm Flat Tip for TS-1113
• TS-1117 - 4mm Chisel for TS-1113
• TS-1118 - Blower Tip for TS-1113

Butane gas required - use NA-1020

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