Quartz Clock Movement Kit For 16-21mm Panel

SKU: X1014A


A DIY kit for repairing old clocks or creating your own designs. The kit is also ideal for those who need to repair a clock they already have or replace parts. 

Quartz movement ensures accuracy.

Includes 3 different hands to suit the style of clock you are creating. To power the clock 1 x 1.5 V AA battery (not included) is required. Suits 16-21mm thickness clock panel. Dimensions for Clock Movement Body (not including the Hook and shaft): 55mm (H) x 55mm (W) x 15mm (D).

Kit includes:
1 x Quartz clock movement
1 x Minute nut
3 x Minute hand
3 x Hour hand
1 x Second caps
3 x Second hand
1 x Plastic washer
1 x Brass washer
1 x Brass nut
1 x Metal hook

Please note: There are some clock parts made of Aluminium, please do not install them with too much pressure otherwise they may bend.

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