RAVE Red and Green Laser Light Show

SKU: SL3455


A small and simple Red/Green laser light show for adding colourful ambience to a room. Includes a mounting bracket and flexible tripod stand (that's also great for camera mounting!). The remote control can adjust the mode, pattern, speed, and lets you switch between red/green/both colours.

• Laser modules: Red & Green
• Laser colours: Able to produce red, green, and yellow
• Laser power rating: Red: 80mW, Green 30mW
• Weight: 0.6kg
• Patterns: Dots, joining dots, exploding dots, tron dots
• Modes: Fast, slow, medium
• Power supply: 240VAC 50Hz
• Dimensions: 115(L) x 91(W) x 50(D)mm

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