RAVE Red and Green Mini Laser Light Show with RGB LED

SKU: SL3453


A mini laser light show that doesn't skimp on features. It includes a full colour RGB LED that adds vibrancy and substance to each laser pattern by cycling through various colours with each show. With the remote control you can cycle through patterns, modes, switch between red or green lasers, adjust the speed and more. It also has a microphone so when positioned near a speaker in auto mode the display will change in sync with the music. A built in bracket and tripod with flexible legs is included for mounting onto AV gear or for simply standing on a desk. An easy to use laser light show great for restaurants, foyers, or parties.

• Light modes: Static, rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise, blink
• Control modes: Sound activated/automatic
• Patterns: Star-field, flowers, rotating parallel dots, quasars, alternating dots, star-shapes
• Power supply: 240VAC, 50Hz
• Laser modules: Red & green
• Laser colours: Able to produce red, green and yellow
• Laser power rating: Red 100mW, Green 40mW
• Dimensions: 140(L) x 105(W) x 55(H)mm
• Weight: 1kg

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