RAVE Water Based Fog Machine Liquid 5 Litre

SKU: AF1223


A lack of fog is like having no bass, it’s just no fun. This quality fog juice is water-based and non-toxic, and leaves no oily residue. Large 5L bottle for loads of fog!

- Unscented, environmentally friendly
- Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-flammable
- Water based composition
- Leaves no oily residue

- Keep out of reach of children
- Do not swallow
- Do not dilute or add any other fluids or substances
- Use fog generating machinery only in well ventilated areas, not for any other usage

Note: Use in a ventilated area, this product my also potentially trigger your smoke detector.


Length : 185mm
Width : 130mm
Height : 290mm
Weight : 5.38kg
Liquid Volume : 5l
Packaged Volume : 13.7l
Packaged Weight : 5.4kg
Packaged Length : 20.8cm
Packaged Width : 19.9cm
Packaged Height : 33.1cm

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