RC High Speed Racing Boat



The UDI Rapid RC boat looks fast and sleek, you can run it on a pond, lake or dam or take it out to the river. Rapid comes with everything you need to run the boat except for the AA alkaline batteries for the radio. Water side fun for all the family, Rapid is filled with features that make it safe to use even for the youngest RC'ers. Rapids' streamlined hull and compact design provide responsive handling which is perfect for small ponds and lakes.
- Self-Righting Hull Design
- Water resistant lid design
- Speed 25-30km/h
- Drive time - 6-8mins
- Low Battery Alarm
- Double lid design
- Watercooled System
- Sleek design
- Navigation rudder
- High/Low Speed Mode
- Low battery alarm, Out of range alarm
- Boat stand included
- Radio - 2.4Ghz
- Speed 25-30km/h
- Run time - 6-8mins
- Length - 424mm
- Width - 119mm
- Height - 114mm
- Battery - 1500mah 7.4V LiFe
- Charge time - 3hrs
- Range - up to 120m

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