Rechargeable Desktop Air Purifier

SKU: GH1950


This USB rechargeable air purifier is small and portable so you can take it anywhere to keep the air clean. Works fine on your desk, bedroom and can even be used in the car. Great at removing small dust particles from the atmosphere and spare filters are available. Includes a USB-C charging cable, handle and a 3-in-1 HEPA, active carbon and nylon filter.
 • 3-In-1 HEPA, Active Carbon & Nylon Filter
• High, Medium & Low Modes
• Rechargeable Battery
• Air Flow: 10m³/hour (CADR)
• Run Time: 2.5-12 Hours
• Charge Time: 3-4 Hours
• Battery: 3.7V Li-ion, 2600mAh
• Power: 5VDC, 2A
• Dimensions: 217(H) x 85(W) x 67(D)mm

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