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The Rubik’s Cage is a fun and strategic game of Tac Toe for up to 4 players. While it may seem easy to get three colour Cubes in a row, the Cage twists and turns, re-shuffling all the colours and making this game a challenge for all. If you really want to throw off your opponent, you can even flip the Cube upside down to really ‘scramble’ the 3D puzzle! The player with the most three in a row colour blocks wins!

Product Features:

MULTIPLAYER GAME: The Rubik’s Cage is a new and exciting three-dimensional colour matching and stacking game for 2-4 players. Think a strategic game of Tac Toe with a Rubik’s twist.
THINK, STACK, WIN: In this exciting colour matching game, you have to stack three of the same colour blocks in a row, while stopping your opponent. Did we mention that this is done in a rotating cage?
A GAME OF ULTIMATE STRATEGY: Outsmart your opponent, stack three of your blocks in a row before they can stop you. Twist and turn the cage to re-shuffle the game, even flip the cage upside down to ‘scramble’ the game up.
CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY: Take on your friends or family wherever you are. Who can make the most 3-in-a-row matches?
EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: If you are a fan of the original Rubik’s Cube, prepare yourself for hours of stacking and shifting fun with friends and family. The Rubik’s Cage is a strategic game of block stacking that will fit right into your collection.

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