Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car Kit

SKU: KJ8960


An entertaining educational kit demonstrating the concept of a salt powered automotive engine. It gives the next generation a look at alternative means of propelling cars of the future.

It works with a combination of salt water and magnesium plates. When salt water is added it dissolves the magnesium to form hydrogen which is attracted to the cathode creating a flow of electrons.

A detailed step by step assembly manual for connecting the myriad of components is included and the car engine can be configured as a V8 or flat engine. The cylinders also move up and down as the car moves forward. The finished vehicle is 4 wheel drive and the body will twist as it navigates its way over small pebbles and bumps. Watch a demonstration video on our website.

You may require the use of a side cutter and flat/phillips head screwdrivers

Assembly time: 3 hours
Recommended for ages 8+


Kit Form : Educational Kit Series
Kit Group : Educational
Difficulty : Simple
Recommended Minimum Age : 8 Yr
Estimated Construction Time : 3 hr
Contains High Voltage Components : false
Instructions Included : true
Additional required items : Salt water
Length : 120. mm
Width : 100. mm
Height : 91. mm


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