Short Circuits Vol. 3 Book

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Over 5 years in the making, Short Circuits Volume 3 is the definitive electronics training manual. This book is far, far more than the weekend ³fun-type² superficial approach to electronics. In the process of constructing any, or most - even all - of the over 30 projects you will end up accumulating knowledge & skill that will elevate you to a fully fledged constructor. After this book nothing could reasonably stop you from tackling any of the full scale projects in the electronics magazines. No other book on learning electronics achieves this. At the same time we have still adopted a light-hearted approach. We describe projects that take from 20 minutes to make, such as project 2, the Ding Dong Doorbell to a fully fledged Guitar Sustain which may take several hours to construct, but will give you a useful music accessory that could last a lifetime. Also included are FULL technical descriptions of all circuits, how to experiment to safely change circuit performances and a massive technical dictionary which explains all phenomena and technical terms used. Attention D & T Teachers: This book is a totally up-to-date D & T electronics manual suitable for year 11 & 12 High School students. It contains, for example, a working project that safely connects to a PC. This is absolutely unique & strongly establishes the link between electronics & computer technology. Generous quantity discounts are available for both the book & the kits.

Physical structure : Bound back soft cover
Title : Short Circuits Volume 3 Second Edition
Subject : General Electronics, Education
Specific Topic(s) : Short Circuits
Page count : 128.0 pages
Knowledge Level : Beginner
Publication Date : Jul 1, 2000 12:00:00 AM
Edition / Printing : 2nd
Volume number : 3
ISBN : 0 9586556 0
Publisher : Jaycar Electronics Group
Author : Gary Johnston
Length : 275.0mm
Width : 205.0mm

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