LED Flexible Strip Light RGB

SKU: SL3942


This is an extremely versatile lighting solution. The 150 RGB LEDs allow you to change the colour to suit your mood, match your shoes, or just change it just because you want to.
It uses a handy remote control for all on/off/colour selections, and you can change the brightness of any colour too. You can even trim the LED strip to a shorter length if required. Amazing! Totally flexible and self-adhesive strip. Mains power supply included.  
Conformally coated - Waterproof (No IP Rating)
LED Power : 24 W
LED Quantity : 150 pc
LED Voltage : 12.
Illuminated Colour : Blue, Green, Red
Beam spread : 120. °
Length : 5. m
Width : 10 mm
Weight : 203  g
Required Voltage : 12 V

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