Smart Plug WiFi Controlled Mains Switch

SKU: MS6106

Size: Smart Plug WiFi Controlled Mains Switch

Control mains appliances in your home or small office using an App or by voice using your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. For example, with a simple touch on your Smartphone or voice command you could turn off a light in your bedroom without getting out of bed.
You can also setup multiple schedules to turn appliances on automatically at different times, ideal for turning on lights to deter thieves, or for turning on your coffee machine in the morning. A smart timer or delay is also useful to turn devices on or off.

- WiFi Connection
- APP Available for Android & IOS
- Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
- Smart Timer Setting
- 1.3W Power Consumption (0.75W Standby)


Transmission frequency : 2.4 GHz
Width : 45.4 mm
Height : 67.45 mm
Depth : 48.27 mm
Mains Voltage Range : 90. V, 250. V
Frequency : 50 Hz, 60. Hz
Rated for AU Mains : true
Mains Max Current : 10 A
Max Input Power : 2400 W
Mains Item connection : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Switching/Controller Type : Remote Control Switch
Included Output Channels : 1 ch
Additional Output Channels Available : No

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