Super Extension Claw & Magnetic Pickup

SKU: TH1868


Tool No. 1 is a 600mm long flexible syringe-action claw gripper similar in operation to a pearl catch. The 4 prong gripper will capture an object up to 15mm in diameter with about 500g of gripping force. It is ideal for retrieving, say, a nut or screws in an engine compartment or piece of equipment.

Tool No. 2 is the same thing except that it has a magnet on the end instead of a claw. We sell them as a set because they compliment each other.


Length : 600mm
Packaged Volume : 1.54l
Packaged Weight : 0.2kg
Packaged Length : 70cm
Packaged Width : 11cm
Packaged Height : 2cm
Type : Tool
Shape : Irregular

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