Trailer LED Light Kit

SKU: ZD0722


Regular bulb failures in your trailer lights are not only annoying to replace, but also quite dangerous to your fellow road users. Switching to LED alternatives solves this problem completely, since LEDs are not at all affected by shock and vibration, last over 50,000 hours, use a fraction of the power, and are actually more visible to other road users.

These trailer lights are an "all-in-one" solution measuring only 100mm wide by 90mm high, and providing all the legal illumination needs of a caravan, boat trailer, camping trailer etc., being; Stop, Tail, Turn and number plate illumination, along with a red reflector panel.

The housing is submersible which is perfect for boat trailers, and each light is fitted with a connector to make wiring easier. The complete kit includes 2x trailer lights, with a pre-made 7m trailer cable with 7pin flat trailer connector. Sold as a pair.

• ADR Approved


Width : 100mm
Height : 90mm

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