Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo 2K 4G PT APPCAMSOLO2K4GPT

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Keep non-stop watch over valuable property without relying on Wi-Fi or mains power with the Uniden App Cam Solo 2K 4G PT security camera. Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, the camera is specifically designed for use in remote locations including farms and rural properties, on campervans and boat moorings, as well as worksites, helping to monitor activity from anywhere at any time.

The weatherproof, 2K Super HD camera has an ultra-wide viewing angle offering exceptional clarity, and pan and tilt design up to 355 degrees, providing greater flexibility when installing and positioning. This allows viewers to cover a wider area with a single monitoring solution.

The 4G Cellular Camera can deliver Ai Intelligent Alerts ensuring notifications are received when people or cars are detected, while reducing the numbers of false alerts. The new feature of Privacy Masking also allows you to black out areas within the cameras view that you want to be recorded to give you extra privacy.

Users simply connect to the cellular network via a Nano SIM card coupled with a data plan of their choice, allowing the Uniden App Cam Solo 2K 4G PT to be installed and operated in areas where a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable. The camera’s contemporary weatherproof design allows positioning outdoors and indoors, ideal for keeping watch over machinery, sheds, water levels, access gates, fence boundaries, livestock feed and crops. Equally, caravan enthusiasts can have peace of mind that their home on the road is safe when they head off on day trips, and boat owners can view the impact of weather and who is accessing their vessel while moored at the marina.

The app enabled smart security camera provides a flexible surveillance solution to check vision remotely via a smart device. The camera can be moved remotely via the dedicated Uniden app to easily cover all angles; with the benefit of horizontal and vertical movement, one camera can keep watch over a large area, replacing multiple fixed cameras to monitor the same zone. Watch live footage without traveling to the location, utilise two-way talk to listen to what is happening, and communicate with people in view if needed.

The included Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera and effortlessly positioned for optimal sunlight exposure. The solar panel recharges the App Cam Solo 2K 4G PT battery, providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed without the risk of draining the battery.

The camera features Thermo Sense Technology, a smart heat sensor which eliminates false notifications caused by benign movement from surrounding trees or branches. A siren alert can also be activated to deter and startle unwanted visitors. For better performance around the clock, the App Cam Solo 4G PT features Starlight Night Vision, an advanced technology delivering night vision footage with more clarity in low light conditions without additional lighting infrastructure.

Footage can be stored directly to SD card or the Uniden Cloud ensuring important moments are captured and available for replay when required. Users receive seven days of free cloud backup with the option of upgrading to a higher plan if needed.



  • 4G Cellular (Nano Sim Card Connectivity)
  • 100% Wirefree 2K Super HD Pan & Tilt Security Camera
  • Pan & Tilt Rotate Up to 355°
  • Ai Intelligent Alerts
  • Up to 10 Metres Night Vision
  • SD Card Backup & Free 7 Days Rolling Cloud Backup for the Life of the Product
  • Thermo Sense Technology – Heat & Movement Sensor Detection
  • Two-Way Talk and Siren Alert
  • 180 Days Operating Time
  • Customised Voice- Recordable Alerts
  • Privacy Masking
  • Solar Panel Included
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Remote Viewing
  • Low-Battery Notifications
  • Rapid Wake-Up

In Box

  • 1 X App Cam Solo 2K  4G PT Security Camera
  • 1 X Solar Panel & Mount
  • 1 X Performance Antenna
  • 1 X Plastic Camera Mount
  • 1 X USB Camera Charge Cable
  • 2 X Mounting Screw Kit
  • 1 X Reset Pin


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