Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo Bullet 2K Kit APPCAMSOLO2KBKIT

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Uniden has released an addition of its popular wire-free home security range with a cloud based, rechargeable, solar powered, 2K Super HD, Outdoor home security camera called the Guardian App Cam Solo Bullet 2K Kit.

The Weatherproof* App Cam Solo Bullet 2K is part of popular App Cam Solo wire-free camera range, and includes improved functionality, such as Thermo Sense Technology, Built in rechargeable batteries and solar power panel connection for an uninterrupted power supply.

With a Bullet style design, the App Cam Solo Bullet 2K can be placed anywhere outside of the home to keep watch at any angle. With Thermo Sense Technology which is a smart heat sensor that detects motion from heat sources, such as people, to avoid common false alarm triggers like curtains or branches moving with the breeze. It provides users with more reliable motion detection notifications when using the free-to-download Uniden app.

The included Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera and effortlessly positioned for optimal sunlight exposure. The solar panel will recharge the App Cam Solo Bullet 2K, while providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed without the risk of draining the battery.

Footage is able to be recorded and viewed in 2K Super HD and accessed from anywhere in the world via the dedicated Uniden app. Footage can be stored directly to SD card or the Uniden Cloud ensuring important moments are captured and available for replay when required.

Users have the ability to two-way talk in real time through the built-in microphone and speaker for easy communication with visitors including couriers, while also acting as a deterrent to unwanted guests. A siren can also be activated remotely to alert intruders that someone may be on the premises.

The App Cam Solo Bullet 2K Kit also includes popular Uniden features to help protect the home such as 100 degree viewing angle and night vision up to 10 metres. The security camera even has customised voice recordable alerts to broadcast  the personalised voice alerts when motion is detected.

The Uniden App Cam Solo Bullet 2K Kit is suitable for all sized properties and allows users to connect as many cameras as required to one device. The App Cam Solo bullet will safeguard and protect your home when you are not there.


  • 100% Wire-Free
  • Solar Power Included
  • Thermo Sense Technology
  • 2K Super HD
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • SD Card & Cloud Backup
  • Weatherproof Design (IP65)*
  • Ai Intelligent Alerts
  • Night Vision – Up to 10 Metres
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Smart Intelligent Alerts
  • Customised Voice Recordable Alerts
  • Siren Alert Trigger
  • Two- Way Talk
  • Motion Detection Record
  • Privacy Masking
  • Low-Battery Notifications
  • Rapid Wake-Up
  • Innovative Installation Design
  • Size: 71mm (H) x 186mm (L) x 71mm (W)
  • Weight: 320g


In The Box

  • 1 X App Cam Solo Bullet 2K
  • 1 X Solar Panel (SPS-02) with fixed 4m micro USB cable to connect to the camera
  • 1 X Metal Camera Mount
  • 1 X Metal Solar Panel Mount
  • 1 X Strap Camera Mount

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