Universal Tablet & Phone Desk Stand

SKU: HS9025


This universal tablet and phone desk stand holds your device at the optimum viewing angle so you can see the screen clearly as you work, without having to worry about it falling off your desk or table. Perfect for decluttering your office desk, or for use in the kitchen to avoid your phone or tablet from mixing with your ingredients as you cook.

You can adjust the height or angle of the stand and suits tablets and smartphones up to 10”.


• Suits Tablets & Smartphones Up To 10”
• 5°-45° Tilt Adjustment
• 0-75mm Height Adjustment
• Anti-Slip Silicone Pads


Dimension details : Lowest Height Setting
Width : 120.0mm
Height : 180.0mm
Depth : 120.0mm
Weight : 210.0g
Dimension details : Additional Height
Height : 75.0mm
Suitable Screen Sizes : 4.0in, 10.0in
Tilt Angle : 5.0°, 45.0°

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