USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons

SKU: XC9046


If you're building your own arcade game, whether it's with a PC or Raspberry Pi, you'll need a joystick. This interface board allows you to easily interface joysticks like our SM1052 and arcade pushbuttons like SP0662, SP0664, SP0665, SP0666 and SP0669 into any device that can connect to a USB joystick. It could be used for arcade games, flight simulators or anything that works with a USB joystick.

  • Up/Down/Left/Right inputs
  • 12 button inputs
  • Detachable USB lead for fitting through small holes
  • Includes 10 pluggable leads that connect directly to spade terminals on SM1052, SP0662, SP0664, SP0665, SP0666 and SP0669
  • Joystick and buttons not included


Length : 85mm
Width : 35mm
Cable length : 1.75m
Packaged Volume : 0.64l
Packaged Weight : 0.09kg
Packaged Length : 15.7cm
Packaged Width : 12.8cm
Packaged Height : 3.2cm
Dimensions details : Hook up wires
Cable length : 0.22m

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