USB Retro Arcade Game Controller

SKU: XC5802


Experience button mashing utopia in the comforts of your own home. In addition to retro arcade gaming goodness on your computer, you can also plug it into a Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Playstation 3 or Android TV.

Features a joystick, 6 control buttons, 4 menu buttons and suction cups to avoid sliding around while gaming. No drivers needed, USB powered with a 3m lead.



Lead Type : USB 2.0
Length of Lead : 3.0m
Confirmed Compatible Operating Systems : PC Arcade, Raspberry Pi, Nintendo Switch, PS3 Arcade, Android TV Arcade
Width : 200.0mm
Height : 130.0mm
Depth : 145.0mm
USB Voltage Input : 5.0V, 5.0V
USB Input Current : 500.0mA, 500.0mA
Plug or Socket? : Plug

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