Wireless USB Charger Alarm Clock D2320

SKU: D2320


A stylish bedside or desktop device with in-built 10W wireless charging for your phone & 8 colour night light. Time display is either adjusted automatically (Max brightness 7am-6pm, Mid brightness 6pm-12pm and Min brightness 12pm-6am) or manually (Min, Mid and Max). Two different alarm times can be set for different wake up times. A USB type A output is provided for recharging a secondary device such as your watch, fitness monitor or eReader. Size: 140x116x73mm. Remote uses CR2025 battery.

We recommend using a QC3.0 wall charger such as M 8863 (see related products panel below). This will allow you to use alarm clock, full 10W wireless charging, night light and USB output charging at the same time. For standard wireless charging a 2.4A USB adaptor is suitable (see M8862A).

Please Note: iPhone is included for photographic purposes only

Please Note: Operates with smartphones fitted with QI charging cases or phones equipped with wireless charging on board (See the Qi website for full compatibility list.)

Input: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
Output power: 10W (Max)
Charging Distance: ≤8mm
Frequency: 110-205KHz
Size: 145 x 116 x 73mm
Usage Temperature: 0-45°C
Usage Humidity: 20-85% (40°C)

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