Arduino Compatible Duinotech Learning Kit

SKU: XC3900


Looking to get into Arduino® but don't know where to start? We have specially selected the components in this kit to allow an easy entry into the world of Arduino® and to work with the examples included with the Arduino® IDE. There are many resources online to teach how the Arduino® software and hardware interact. This kit is also compatible with the full range of Duinotech shields and modules, which can be used to extend your Arduino® experience.

1 x Uno Main Board with USB Cable
1 x Breadboard
1 x Servo Motor
1 x LDR Light Sensor Module
1 x RGB LED Module
1 x Joystick Module
1 x Buzzer Module
1 x LED Matrix Module
1 x Line Tracer Module
Assorted LEDs
Assorted Pushbuttons
Assorted Resistors
Assorted Jumper Cables
1 x Carry Case with Insert Tray and Dividers
1 x Quick Start Guide with Links to Online Tutorials

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