10A DC Noise Filter (Improved) AA3074

SKU: 9319236969533


The filter arrests any noise on the DC power supply to your audio and visual electronic devices. If you hear hissing, cracking, popping or clicking in your speakers, or see garbled images or “hash” on video displays then this might be what you need.

Most importantly, you wont have to drill any mounting holes during installation. You can secure this unit with cable ties, and will even saddle on a wiring loom if necessary.


Length : 90mm
Width : 60mm
Height : 33mm
USB Voltage Input : 12V, 14V
USB Input Current : 0A, 10A
Packaged Volume : 0.74l
Packaged Weight : 0.13kg
Packaged Length : 14cm
Packaged Width : 15cm
Packaged Height : 3.5cm

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