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Vex Robotics Crossbow Construction Kit
Tobbie The Robot - Hexapod Kit
Solar Bug Kit
Solar Bug Kit
Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car Kit
Potato Powered Clock Kit
Planetarium Educational Kit
Snap-on 80 Project Electronic Kit
Snap On Car and Boat Electronic Kit
6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
4 in 1 Transforming Solar Robot Kit
KIT Tobbie the Robot II Kit- STEM
8 in 1 Solar Educational Robot Kit
Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit
Frilled Lizard Robot Kit with IR Sensor
Make Your Own Clock Kit
DR STEVE DRS91030 Dino Excavation Kit
Cardboard Radio Construction Kit
Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit
Solar Rover Construction Kit
Solar Robot Educational 14 in 1 Kit
Solar Powered Grasshopper Kit
Solar Educational Kit
Siege Ballista Wooden Construction Kit

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