We are currently seeking a great new person to join our team.  If you are looking for an interesting career in retail and

  • Have knowledge of or an interest in consumer electronic products like we sell (computers, Networking, UHF radios, phones, power inverters, MP3’s, TV's, Metal detectors, drones, test equipment etc)
  • Have great work ethics
  • Want an interesting but challenging long term position
  • Are reliable, energetic & outgoing
  • Can provide great customer service
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Are a quick learner.
  • Are able to work unsupervised and in a team environment.

Then we may have something suitable.

The position will cover customer sales and service, store merchandising and housekeeping, product displays and operation and all other tasks of a retail assistant.

If you believe this is something you'd enjoy, please complete the questions & follow the instructions @ this  link: https://forms.gle/ztGmS8DP16Q4n9Rc6

 NB: I really appreciate a cover letter that explains about yourself and any helpful information that isn’t in your resume etc..  Also include previous experience (professional or personal) you've had with any products we sell i.e are you proficient using a computer, have you used a UHF radio, Metal Detector, drone for example.  Can you connect gaming consoles/DVD players to your TV; or able to stream movies, etc.  Some people are technology shy and others are the go-to person for new technology products - which one are you?  Also include any sales, cash handling and Point of Sale experience. 

Hours will be permanent 20+ per week (increasing with your ability) between 8.00am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 1.00pm Saturday.
Employed under the General Retail Industry Award 2010.  All conditions and wages can be found  http://www.fwa.gov.au/documents/modern_awards/award/MA000004/default.htm  (google FWA MA000004 if link doesn’t work)