12 Relay Serial Box For Redback Touch Wallplates A6510

SKU: 9321758222461


Designed to be used in conjunction with Redback Touch programmable touchscreen wallplates, as a standalone system or as an expansion hub for the A 6505A, this control hub consists of 12 relays with isolated sets of voltage free contacts that close on operation.

When used with Redback Touch wallplates, the connection to the wallplate is via Cat5/6 cable up to 50m away. All commands from the programmed plate are then transported to this hub and the appropriate RS232/485 command signal is then output to the corresponding pluggable terminals. This could be used for controlling an AV system in a classroom, lecture theatre, board room etc. The serial outputs could be used to control a projector and amplifier. Requires 24V DC power which in turn powers the connected wallplate.

Size: 66W x 131W x 29H inc flanges.

The relay hub can be used in three ways:

1. Direct connection via Cat5/6 UTP cable to a Redback Touch wallplate, which is programmed to control relay activation.
2. As an expansion to the A 6505A hub, increasing the total number of relay contacts from 3 to 15. In this configuration, one of the serial outputs of the A 6505A would be used to control the A 6510. These hubs should be located as close together as possible.
3. As a standalone serial controlled relay hub for use with any third party system utilising RS232/485.

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